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The culture building method to sending high-level announcements. Publish and track who read your announcement while keeping a pulse on what’s going at at the company.

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Blastcast - The announcement platform

It’s a megaphone in your pocket

Blastcast is an alternative to group email and chat tools for announcements that do not need a reply but do need a high distribution rate.

We built this product so you can get the highest read rates for company-wide announcements and also be able to get new employees up to speed on the latest news, sales, new employees, and news you would normally send via email.


Anyone can make an announcement

Blastcast is a secure, internal announcement system. Share sales wins, customer feedback, insights,  news, and give employee recognition with a high-five!

All recipients can contribute to the company feed. Employees can share valuable information everyone should know about.


Know who read your announcement

We target your announcements to your entire company so we expect to get near 100% read rates. Each blast shows the percentage and who read your message.


No comments.
No replies.

How much time is your company you wasting on replying? We have estimated that over 70% of the original “all company” messages are strictly announcements. 100% of these do not need a reply.

The sender is the only one who gets the privilege of finding the awesome image.



Find an announcement category and post the announcement.



Everyone at the company is notified of the Blastcast announcement via mobile or desktop app.



See who viewed the announcement while they can see who posted it.


Why is Blastcast so awesome?

We have created the perfect balance of sending an announcement that informs without dropping productivity and then boosting moral because everyone knows what is going on at the company. This leads to employee retention and smarter alignment of priorities.


Built with security in mind

  • Company data is accessible only to authenticated and invited users
  • Sensitive data is stored using strong adaptive and salted hashing functions
  • All communications between devices are encrypted
  • We follow security best practices  inside popular frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and React JS

“Blastcast is like our virtual sales bell for the wider organization across its different locations. We use it to both communicate wins and strengthen culture, and it has helped us to be transparent and inclusive with the entire staff.”

Gary Martin, CEO

Marque Group

“Blastcast encourages every staff member to contribute to the company’s culture, and keeps everyone updated on the top-level wins in each department.”

Mike Sexton, Managing Director

Smart Loyalty


Blastcast is the bullet journal for your company with your employees as the contributors

Build a culture of sharing information, events, insights, and be able to go back and review highlights of the year for current and future employees. Blastcast becomes the DNA of your company while giving you these benefits:

  • Reduce emails
  • Reduce interruptions
  • Build company culture
  • Boost morale
  • Increase employee appreciation
  • Share company wide info instantly
  • Replace the company newsletter
  • Reduce long town hall meetings
  • Increases awareness of BIG wins

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